Truscott Research

In their own words:

The best data comes from the best recruits, and the best recruits come from recruiters with years of experience, adherence to best practices, and a track record of success. At Truscott Research, we bring all of these elements together to provide accurate, actionable data which our clients have relied on time and time again.

Our services are specifically tailored towards litigation strategy and jury research. We are committed to providing participants that accurately reflective the venue.

Conducting a mock trial provides important information on how regular people will problem solve your case. You have the opportunity to test arguments, evidence and witnesses with real-time feedback from mock jurors.

The quality of the information gathered is only reliable if the demographic makeup of the mock jury closely matches that of a typical jury that might be empaneled in the venue. Truscott employs several different recruiting modalities to ensure that the mock jurors are as reflective as possible.

At Truscott Research, we pride ourselves on the quality of our participants. You may have heard before that your opinion matters, but to our clients, it truly does. In exchange for your participation in our research and sharing of your honest opinion, you will be well-compensated – in fact, our average compensation is $300 per day.

Whether you are a business executive, stay-at-home parent, retail clerk or any other walk-of-life – we’d like to hear from you. All that we require from you is an agreement to listen well, share your honest opinion, and respect our clients’ confidentiality.