Where the best researchers and participants connect

We’re excited about the opportunity to connect you with even more focus groups through a new qualitative research portal called “Respondent.”

The unique online platform allows companies to get opinions and feedback from consumers and professionals nationwide, and then use that data to improve products, services, foods, apps, games, commercials, etc.

Not only does Respondent facilitate over 100 focus groups and telephone interviews per month, but these are without a doubt some of the highest paying studies in the industry, paying up to $500 for 2-3 hours of your time, and with an average of over $100 per hour.

Companies using Respondent for market research include IBM, Intuit, Oracle, Yahoo, Dropbox, Fidelity Investments, Procter & Gamble, GoDaddy, eBay, AirBNB, Microsoft, Allstate and hundreds more.

If you’re new to Respondent you can use this invitation link for access to all 100+ studies.