Consumer Product Testing Company

In their own words:

Consumer Product Testing Company began in 1975 and has since become our family’s legacy. Passed down from father to son, we pride ourselves on thorough practices and honest results. Determined to exceed our client’s expectations and the industry’s regulatory demands, our family has strived to build an organization that sets the bar for the dynamic and challenging industries we serve.

To meet our client’s ever-changing needs, our staff, our facility, located in Fairfield, New Jersey, and our capabilities continue to evolve. We are dedicated, as a family and as a Company, to staying on the forefront of the testing industry.

At CPT, we are experts in testing the safety and efficacy of consumer products including sunscreens, cosmetics, OTC products, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, personal care products and many other products. With the latest technology, expertise and resources, we help our clients develop safe and effective products that exceed industry standards.

We are looking for volunteers to provide their opinions, and participate in clinical trials, which is valuable and integral to the product launching process. Compensation is dependent upon the type and length of each clinical trial.