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Our company is seeking individuals to participate in National & Local Paid Focus Groups, Clinical Trials, and Phone Interviews.

We need participants on the following topics:

  • Child Related (individuals with children 18 yrs or younger)
  • Cell Phones (Apple, Android, or Windows...Prepaid or Contract)
  • Entertainment (TV shows, movies, and video games)
  • Food (If you buy fast food, casual dining, or upscale dining)
  • Sports (Casual viewers and die-hard fans)
  • Electronics (Tell us which devices you prefer and why)
  • Pets (Animal lovers needed! Dogs, cats, and other pets)
  • Automobiles (Do you own, make payments, or lease your vehicle?)


  • Show up at least 10 minutes prior to discussion start time.
  • Participate by completing written and oral instructions.
  • Complete written survey provided for each panel.
  • MUST actually use products and/or services, if provided. Then be ready to discuss PRIOR to meeting date.


  • Must have either a smart phone with working camera or webcam on desktop/laptop.
  • Desire to fully participate in one or several of the above topics

Educational Requirements:

  • High school diploma or it’s equivalent


  • $75-$150 (per 1 hour session)
  • $250-$500 (multi-session studies)

Jinny L.

I did a really "interesting" study.. They had us go into the store with camera glasses and record ourselves shopping. Too fun!! I had a blast and got paid $150!! My husband wants to do this one too.

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